No Fault & Worker's Comp Insurance

The only insurance in New York State that pays for therapeutic massage is No Fault and Worker's Comp. A massage treatment must also be recommended medically necessary by your physician in order to qualify for insurance coverage. We help to relieve muscle spasm, tenderness, and pain associated with injuries sustained in various accidents. Certain insurance companies will pay for massage therapy. Check with your insurance provider to see if your are covered. 

We cannot accept insurance from Medicare, Medicaid, and disability insurance. These types of insurances will not cover massage therapy treatments. To use insurance to pay for medical massages, you must have the following prepared:

Obtain a prescription from your MD, (medical doctor), DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine), chiropractor, or other health professional who can write a prescription. Call us with the following insurance information:

                                                       *doctor's prescription

                                                       *insurance company's name and phone number

                                                       *policy holder information

                                                       *group number

                                                       *claim number

                                                       *date of accident

We will call your insurance company to verify your insurance coverage. We will be able to schedule your appointments according to your doctor's prescription (for example, 2 times a week for 12 weeks).